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The Monarch Alliance believes that the Monarch butterfly and its extraordinary migration extending from Canada to the mountains of central Mexico has captured the imagination of millions of Americans.

The migration of this iconic animal species is in danger of disappearing because of the loss of milkweed and nectar sources throughout its breeding range in the United States and Canada and from threats to the Oyamel Fir forests in its overwintering sites in central Mexico.


The Monarch Alliance, working with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in Washington County and the surrounding region, will work to educate the public on the life cycle of the Monarch, threats to its spectacular migration, and how it can help by planting butterfly gardens, including milkweed native to our region.

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Saving The Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies are in trouble. Monarch populations have struggled to survive the over-use of pesticides, disease, climate change and more. Find out what you can do to help save the monarch butterfly from extinction.

Where Are The Monarchs?

Each year Monarch Butterflies make their majestic migration from Mexico to Canada. With the help of Citizen Scientists, Journey North has managed to track their migratory paths. You can see their migration in real-time through their map!

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