The Monarch Alliance Grants

The Monarch Alliance - a program of the Potomac Valley Audubon Society - in partnership with other organizations, works hard to support Monarch conservation efforts within communities all over the Tri-State region.

The Monarch Alliance Waystation Grant Program awards vouchers of up to $1,000 for the purchase of plants during the Monarch Alliance Fall Milkweed and Native Plant Sale at Sunny Meadows Garden Center.  

This opportunity is open to Monarch Waystation projects in Washington and Frederick Counties in Maryland, and Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties in West Virginia.  Preference will be given to schools, universities, nature centers, and other organizations planning to use the Waystation to educate the public about monarch butterflies and/or involve students in outdoor learning.    

Using the Monarch Alliance’s recommended plant list, applicants can enhance monarch butterfly habitat in an existing garden, design a new garden, or simply use the sample design provided in the application form.

Proposed gardens must adhere to the minimum requirements of Monarch Watch:

  • Size – No minimum size, however, an area of 100 square feet or greater is recommended.

  • Sun Exposure - Located in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sun a day.

  • Drainage and Soil Type – Many milkweeds and nectar plants do best in low-clay soils with good drainage.

  • Shelter – Plants should be relatively close together but not crowded. Follow planting guidelines specific to each plant.

  • Milkweed – Include at least 10 milkweed plants made of two or more species. If you’re planting more than 10 milkweed plants, one species is sufficient but preference will be given to projects proposing at least two species of milkweed.

  • Nectar Plants – Include a variety of nectar plants that bloom sequentially or continually throughout the breeding and migration seasons (April – October).

  • Management – Have a plan to sustain the Waystation. Examples could include mulching, thinning, fertilizers, soil amendments, removing dead stalks, and incorporating additional features.

The Monarch Alliance holds two native plant sales a year at Sunny Meadows Garden Center, located at 7437 Sharpsburg Pike, Boonsboro, MD, one in mid-May and one in mid-September. The vouchers awarded through this grant program can be used to purchase Monarch Waystation plants during the fall plant sale. The voucher is only good for pure native varieties or native cultivars of plants that support Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.   


Form a team.  
A team is a minimum of 2 persons but can be more. If the applicant is a school, the team must have the support of the principal and a parent. A team can consist of students, with the support of the principal and a teacher. The Monarch Alliance Grants Committee may request the applicant obtain additional support from the school or community.
Complete and submit the application.   
The Monarch Alliance grants committee will review your application. Criteria for judging applications include: innovative design, a clear understanding of managing the garden, a plan to involve stakeholders in creating and maintaining the garden, and a plan to involve students in outdoor learning.

The timelines for grant announcements and awards are as follows:
November 1st - Grant Program Opens Up
February 1st - Applications Are Due
March 1st - Grant Awards Are Finalized and Grant Winners are Notified

Register your Waystation and Submit a Final Report!
After completing the garden, applicants must register it as a Monarch Waystation with Monarch Watch ( and submit a summary report of the project to the Monarch Alliance. Registration is easy and the Monarch Alliance will cover the registration fees for you!


Please contact John Maciolek at with any questions.

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